Guide Dogs of Texas

A non-profit organization based out of San Antonio, Guide Dogs of Texas brings brings canine companions to those who are blind and visually impaired. They are one of the few guide animal services in the United States, and the biggest and only within the state of Texas.



After several years of volunteer work with the Guide Dogs, it became apparent there needed to be a redesign. This project was done in hopes to bring better promotion to the organization, new website design, and a more contemporary feel overall.


current deisgn

The red, white, and blue color palette is a good part of the identity to keep, but the lime green is random and not necessary. The current website is confusing and there is no advertisement for their programs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.12.56 AM.png

current logo

The current logo is old and outdated. The concept is nice but can be simplified. The name Guide Dogs of Texas can also be fixed to possibly become more modern and trendy.

 logo exploration

logo exploration

 final design    font: Proxima Nova Soft

final design  

font: Proxima Nova Soft


The idea here was to condense the companies name to keep it unique but update it to be more contemporary. The logo ties in a directional arrow with a dog paw that is a more interperative look than the original logo had.


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